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Quilting by the Lake 2015 Classes & Workshops

QBL offers over thirty 2, 3 and 5 day quilting classes & workshops taught by nationally and internationally recognized quilt artists and teachers.  All quilting classes are held on the campus of Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, NY.

Scroll down for complete workshop descriptions.

Important Class & Workshop Information

  • 2-day classes and workshops meet Monday & Tuesday
  • 3-day classes and workshops meet Wednesday - Friday
  • 5-day classes and workshops meet Monday - Friday
  • All classes and workshops meet from 8:30 - 11:30am & 1 - 4pm. 
  • Additional materials fees apply for some classes and workshops and are indicated on the supply list. Supply fee is paid directly to the teacher at QBL.
  • A QBL equipment fee of $5 per session will be included on your final invoice. This fee is applied to the increasing cost of supplying classroom equipment. The QBL equipment fee is in addition to any supply fee that the teacher may require, which is paid directly to the teacher at QBL.
  • All classrooms are air-conditioned.
QBL 2015 Class & Workshop Fees

Regular Classes, Studio w/Teacher
2 days (MT) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $248
3 days (WThF) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$355
5 days . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $576

10 days . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1134

Independent Studio Fees
2 days (MT) . . . . . . . . . . . $136
3 days (WThF) .. . . . . . . . $206
5 days . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $335
10 days . . ... . . . . . . . . .     $644
Session I Classes & Workshops:  July 19-24 Session II Classes & Workshops:  July 26-31

1. Dace, R. Here and Now (5 day)

2. Dunnewold, J. Digitally Printed Fabric (5 day)

3. Glessner, L. Mixed Media Fiber (5 day)

4. Hergert, A. Kantha Quilting (2 day)

5. Hergert, A. Blend it (3 day)

6. Newman, V. Layers (5 day)

7. Pal, M. Sculpting with Cheesecloth (2 day)

8. Pal, M. Cheesecloth Portraits (3 day)

9. Masopust, K. Working in a Series (5 day)
10. Wiener, L. Thread Sketching & Ptg (2 day)

11. Wiener, L. Photo to Art Quilt (3 day)

12. No Instructor Independent Studio (2 day)

13. No Instructor Independent Studio (3 day)


14. Blaydon, J. The Artful Quilt (5 day)

15. Corbin, C. Composing Composition (5 day)

16. Dace, R. Cross Currents(5 day)

17. Dunnewold, J. Dye Play (5 day)

18. Hergert, A. Machine Embellishments (2 day)

19. Hergert, A. Elements that Please (3 day)

20. Hornung, D. Color/Collage (5 day)

21. Redmond, W. Holographic Memories (5 day)

22. Wood, S. Improvising (2 day)

23. Wood, S. Improvising (3 day)

24. No Instructor Independent Studio (2 day)

25. No Instructor Independent Studio (3 day)


Session l:  July 19 - 24, 2015


1. Here and Now

   Rosalie Dace

    5 days - Intermediate - Advanced


Unleash your inner artist and make a quilt that no one else could make as you develop a personal designw tih your own sense of time and place. Emhasis will be on color, value, line, shape, and texture to express your own journey to where you are now in your life. Choose a personal symbol, motif and color to represent your sense of space, time, and mood and build a stunning composition using a visual path, and pattern repeat without predictability. Learn to edit, select, and simplify to create mystery, drama, richness, and security in your work. Whatever you chose to depict, Rosalie will provide guidance as you create a successful contemporary visual composition that says, "This is me here now!"

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2. Designing For Digitally Printed Fabric  

Jane Dunnewold

   5 days, Beginner - Advanced


Print-on-demand fabric websites open a treasure trove of creative fun for quilters and textile artists. But where to begin? In this class we'll start by learning to make a basic repeat pattern - and then expand the design horizon with dyeing, painting, sketching, photography and mixed media scanning. Jane will teach you to upload your design to spoonflower.com - a popular fabric printing site. Once the designs are loaded to the website, we'll learn to navigate options for changing colors and texture, and eview layout and fabric selection. Unleash your inner designer and explore the possibilites for making quilts from fabrics you design entirely yourself! Students must know how to use camera, computer, and photo program on computer.

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3. Mixed-Media Fiber, Encaustic & Mark-Making

   Lorraine Glessner
5 days - Beginner - Advanced


Traditional surface applications such as machine and hand embroidery are combined with unconventional materials and processes such as water-soluble embroidery film, Tyvek, instant  indigo encaustic, image transfer, collage, rust printing and branding (creating marks and patterns  with fire, heated metal tools and objects) to create complex and sculptural surfaces. Participants are encouraged to develop a personal vocabulary through the creation of a portfolio of samples which may be worked into a quilt, a book or exist as small-scale art pieces suitable for framing or further embellishment.


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4. The Ancient Art of Kantha Quilting  
Anna Hergert

    2 days All Levels




Join in for a virtual trip to India and to be introduced to the ancient quilting and embroidery technique that elevates recycling and reusing cloth to a fine art. Hand quilters and embroiderers  will embrace this simple, yet very effective method of embellishing fabric to create one of a kind pieces ready to incorporate into larger quilts, clothing or simply place into a frame.


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5. Blend it: Silk & Cotton with a Twist   

    Anna Hergert
3 days - All Levels


Are you looking for luster and dimension in your modern and innovative quilt designs? Hesitant to incorporate silks into your designs? Ready to embark on the Modern Quilt path? Hoping to add more dimension to your quilts? This workshop will combine sound textile knowledge with principles of design leading to a successful outcome. We will explore textural effects, color transparency, complementary quilting designs and embellishments adding to participants’ skill and knowledge set.


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6. Layers: Color, Shape, Texture and Form  

    Velda Newman
    5 days - Intermediate-Advanced


This class throws all the rules of stringent design out the window. First we will explore machine stitching techniques for texture and shape. Next will be the basic lessons for how to paint on fabric. Using acrylic paints, learn how to get “color, shading and form” into a piece. We will also be using other mediums such as resist, pencils and Copic inks for detail work.


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7. Sculpting with Cheesecloth

    Mary Pal
   2 days – Beginner - Intermediate


Learn to manipulate hand-dyed cheesecloth to create art quilts that are filled with delightful texture. Begin with a simple tree shape, paint a background using Neocolor II crayons, and stitch the tree on the background. No experience painting landscapes required. A pattern is provided that you are free to adjust according to your whim. Every student will have a landscape with a windblown tree, but that is where the similarities will end. During the workshop we will explore other subjects or begin a second sculpted piece. Over the two days, we’ll also talk about machine applique using monofilament, styles of machine quilting appropriate for landscapes, finishing options and using photographs to create patterns (even on an iPad – bring yours!).


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8. Cheesecloth Portraits

Mary Pal
3 days – Beginner-Intermediate 


This workshop covers a unique method of manipulating fabric that combines sculpting, “painting” with fibers and employing the use of transparency, to teach students how to create effective portraits using cheesecloth. We will explore portraiture to learn how to depict the qualities of the human face that elicit emotional responses in viewers. We’ll examine how photographs may be adjusted—even using a simple iPad—to create useful patterns, and discuss finishing and mounting options. Working from a basic photo to master the various methods of designing with this technique, you will learn all the skills required to create a dramatic portrait out of simple cheesecloth, and gain the confidence to attempt a photo of your own on the second day.


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9. Working in a Series
Katie Pasquini Masopust
5 days – All Levels


Explore the creative possibilities of working in a series by making one of your own. Participants bring a small piece to the workshop from which to build a series of two or three additional works. We will first evaluate all pieces made in advance and discuss their potential for development into a series. Participants then form a plan of their own considering color, composition, and elements of design, such as contrasts of size, contrast of temperature, contrast of values, engaging the edge, negative space, etc. Each piece in your series builds on the previous one. (the number of pieces you complete depends on the speed in which you work) finishing 1 or more is fine.

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10. Thread Sketching and Thread Painting   

     Leni Wiener

 2 days – All Levels


This two day workshop is an introduction to thread sketching and thread painting. The workshop begins with a review of free motion stitching. Students then learn how to use free motion to do thread sketches (without having to draw or trace) and thread painting. Students will learn the difference between direct thread painting and thread painted applique. Threads and machine tension are also covered.


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11. Photo to Art Quilt

      Leni Wiener
     3 days – All Levels


Learn Leni’s techniques for creating pictorial quilts from photographs using her raw edge machine applique methods. Students may choose to work from their own photos or one of Leni’s patterns.



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12. Independent Studio    No Instructor

     2 days – All levels

A shared classroom space is provided for the independent studio. Participants work on individual quilting projects. Not suitable for dyeing.

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13. Independent Studio    No Instructor

     3 days – All levels

A classroom space is provided for the independent studio. Participants work on individual quilting projects. Not suitable for dyeing.

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Session lI:  July 26 - 31, 2015

14. The ARTful Quilt

Judi Blaydon
5 days - Intermediate - Advanced


Quilt-makers have been inspired by memories and dreams, architecture and nature . . . and sometimes other quilts. The ARTful Quilt is a Color and Design Workshop that looks at iconic works of art from the late 19th/early 20th century to find inspiration for innovative contemporary quilts. You can explore one of four suggested sources --- [a Bonnard, a Matisse, a Monet, and a Vuillard] or work from any other painting you find intriguing. You’ll identify visual elements that will be used to generate a collection of abstract design sources. These intuitively- chosen fragments and isolated views will be enlarged, reduced, repeated, inverted, multiplied, mirrored, slivered and clustered in a series of experimental paper collage sketches --- and will provide the composition, color, pattern, texture, value relationships, mood and style for an original design that translates pictorial imagery into an abstract quilt that will be all yours. Your fabric stash will echo every detail and nuance of your chosen painting, with attention to character and content; and as the collages are transformed into cloth, you’ll see remarkable interpretations that reflect the ARTist and the ARTwork, and reveal the imagination of the quilt-maker.


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15. Composing Composition   

      Cynthia Corbin
5 days – Intermediate - Advanced



For every rule about good composition, someone comes along and breaks that rule, and does it well. That is the evolution of ART. It’s all in the way you explore what interests you. Doing that in a mindful,  intuitive, and sensitive way is the magic, and the hard work. So we are going to experiment and find what works, and maybe what doesn’t. Let’s break a few rules! Work in whatever style interests you, and in whatever techniques you choose. From landscapes to figurative, abstract to realism, and the spaces in between, there is common ground. Let’s take a look!

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16.  Cross Currents 

       Rosalie Dace
5 days – Intermediate-Advanced


Give your quilts a new energy by discovering the strength of crossed designs. From signatures to quilts to voters’ marks, X and + shapes have long provided visual impact along with strength and stability. Learn how these shapes and their variations have been effectively used for generations by quilts and other artists and crafts people. Discover how you can make your compositions sing with new life as you make X mark the spot! You may choose to piece, fuse or applique your quilt, mark it with pen or stitch by hand or machine on it for embellishment.


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17. Dye Play

Jane Dunnewold     
 5 days – All levels


Spend five days immersed in the world of fiber reactive dyes! We’ll explore the vast range of possibilities including immersion dyeing, printing with thickened dyes, multi-colored printing with interfacing stencils, stove-top “instant” dyeing, and improvisational printing (painting dyes directly onto a screen). Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced dyer, the opportunity to focus specifically on MX dyes will strengthen and expand your toolbox!


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18. Machine Embellishments

    Anna Hergert
 2 days - Informed Beginner


“Meet” your basic sewing machine for the very first time and find out what “she” is capable of. In class you will explore new ideas by using fabrics, cheesecloth, sheers, threads and a sense of adventure to create eye-catching textures and add dimension to your quilts and textile creations. You will explore several simple and complex techniques to create a reference library for future projects.

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19. Elements that Please 

     Anna Hergert
3 days – All Levels  


Have you ever vacationed in or visited a place you fell in love with for the ancient architecture or natural surroundings? Did you return home with countless pictures of distressed surfaces ranging from old stone walls, walls with cracked and peeling paint to richly textured bark on the natural edifice of trees? Fully embrace and internalize these colours and textures to render them in your original textile creation. Ultimately transform your experience into a tangible textile piece by incorporating recycled and repurposed materials. Individuality is key and the goal of this workshop is the acquisition of knowledge and skills in working with recycled materials and supplies that may be applied to any subject once the participant has returned to his/her own studio.


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20. Color/Collate Workshop

      David Hornung
5 days - All Levels  


Collage is an art form in and of itself, but it can also be a wonderful format for experimentation with form and content that can be transferred later to another medium like painting or quiltmaking. Its improvisational character promotes visual surprise and allows for the felicities of chance and the unconscious mind to intervene in the creative process. Making collages sharpens skills in composition, color and shape making while clarifying one’s individual creative preferences and inclinations. In the course of this week-long workshop, students will produce many small scale collages. Source material can be drawn from photographic images, engravings, historic documents, found paper, other findings and painted paper.


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21. Holographic Memories
Wen Redmond

      5 days – All Levels


Create your own holographic image with this inventive digital fiber technique. Using your imagination and digital photographs, capture your loved ones or favorite subjects with Wen’s innovative digital fiber technique creating a 3-D effect. Other techniques will be explored as well. Some pre-workshop image preparation required.


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22. Improvising from a Score
 Sherri Lynn Wood

      2 days All Levels


A jazz score indicates the elements of a song without specifying how it’s played. Now imagine a score written for flexible patchwork! Unlike fixed quilt patterns which are taught to be replicated without variation, when a flexible pattern is handed on from one quiltmaker to another it is the range of possibilities that is transmitted instead. On day one participants will learn ruler-free sewing techniques and how to improvise a quilt by adapting one of the scores for flexible patterning from the Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters. On day two students will improvise a quilt from a score of your own creation. www.daintytime.net


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23. Get Your Curve On 

      Sherri Lynn Wood

3 days - All Levels


Get your curvy-quilty-modern groove on in this improvisational quilt-making workshop. Participants will explore modern approaches to improvised quilt making and composition, while learning innovative wedge-strip and curve piecing techniques. All skill levels but intermediate and advanced sewers will make more progress. www.daintytime.net


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24. Independent Studio 
No Instructor

      2 days - All levels


A shared classroom space is provided for the independent studio. Participants work on individual quilting projects. Not suitable for dyeing.


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25. Independent Studio   
No Instructor

     3 days )– All levels

A shared classroom space is provided for the independent studio. Participants work on individual quilting projects. Not suitable for dyeing.

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